Merle Haggard & Lacy 

Lacy & Judy Collins in 

Livermoore, CA . . . (2015)

Paulette Carlson

Lacy & Biff

June  2016

...I've been honored to meet

and privileged to work

with over the years.

Bobby Bare...2016

Lancaster, PA

David Frizzell &

   Lacy J Dalton

Rex Allen Jr

David Frizzell, Lacy J & Freddie Hart

Lacy has had an amazing career filled with the opportunity and fortune to sing with many of America's musical legends throughout her life including Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Bobby Bare, George Jones, Hank Williams Jr., Judy Collins, and many, many more.  As one of the biggest country and western starrs of the 80's and 90's, she continues to explore new musical territory and compositions and performs regularly.  For information on her upcoming performances, please visit her Tour page.   


Here's what her friend, Judy Collins (see photo at the right), had to say about Lacy after a benefit concert they performed together in September 2015:


"Lacy Dalton and me at the Taylor Foundation fundraiser in Livermore the other day-- lovely to meet and spend some time togehter, she is a doll and such a fine singer--fun on the road, and for a great cause, the Taylor Foundation helps children with dibilitating illnesses, and were at their camp, with a beautiful set of pools and play areas, housing and outdoor beauty for these children. It is the 25th anniversary of the foundation and Elaine Taylor still runs it even though her husband Barry is gone-they continue to do much needed service for a community of children that needs help--thank you, Elaine and everyone at the festival=--we had such a great time~ Love, Jud"

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