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  This page highlights just a few of the Videos & Songs that I have enjoyed recording; some of them are Country songs that you the music fans, have helped make hits, and some of them represent my Americana side.  If you like what you hear, then I encourage you to pick up a copy to add to your personal collection.....Lacy J

The New Stuff

It Takes an Earthquake Sometimes

Can't Tell Your Heart Who to Beat For


Life's About Now

Devil By A Different Name


Listen to the Wind

Boundless Skies

Slip Away

Standin' Knee Deep

Listen To The Wind

The Wanderers

The Last Wild Place

Heart of Hearts

She Could Run

Next To Me

Country and the Hits

Takin' It Easy

Stay With Me

Lonesome As The Night Is Long

16th Avenue

Black Coffee

Little Boy Blue

Losing Kind of Love

Are There Any Cowboys Left  

Hillbilly Girl With The Blues

Everybody Makes Mistakes

Crazy Blue Eyes

16th Avenue

Other things I've Written


For Mr. McConnell

Texas Taliban


I Can't Breathe

I Can't Breathe

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